MAPs for Educators (MAPE): Saskatchewan

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Introduction to MAP for Educators (MAPE): Saskatchewan

Welcome to MAPs for Educators: Saskatchewan! This is a private resource created for educators to help students struggling with anxiety. Do you have students struggling with anxiety? Would you like to learn different strategies to teach them how to manage their anxiety in and outside of school? MAP for Educators (MAPE) might be the program for you! This program is comprised of three units that provide information about anxiety and hands-on strategies to dial down anxious feelings and thoughts. However, before you start MAPE, we wanted to share some tips on how to best use the MAP program in a school setting. 

Classroom vs individual approach. The activities described in this program are based on a class-wide approach. However, you can easily adapt MAP to use it with individual students. 

Use your creativityYou may have many other creative ideas to deliver the MAPE lessons beyond those provided here. We encourage you to use your imagination to teach the core content of the lessons. 

Younger vs older students. Throughout MAPE, you will notice that we suggest different activities according to students’ grade level: younger (K-Gr 3) versus older (Gr 4-7). Please adapt the lessons according to your students’ developmental level.   

MAP toolkit. We suggest that when you implement each activity, you have your students create a physical toolkit, so the strategies they learned with MAPE can be accessed later and as needed. For example, you may give students a binder or a box to store handouts, objects, art, and any other tools they created during the lessons.  

At the end of each Unit, you’ll find lessons in PDF format to download for future use. Also see the Saskatchewan Curriculum Connection Plan to align with your lesson plan.

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Anxiety Canada is pleased to offer the MAP for Educators: Saskatchewan program in partnership with the Saskatoon Industry Education Council.

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