Welcome to My Anxiety Plan

My Anxiety Plan (MAP) is an anxiety management program based on cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), an evidence-based psychological treatment. MAP for Children and Teens, Adults, and Educators is easy to navigate and helpful for those with mild to moderate anxiety.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step instructions on how to deal with symptoms related to specific anxiety disorders, as well as general strategies.

Tips & Techniques

Tips and techniques to help you relax, plan for more healthy living, set goals, and change your way of thinking about things.

Target Specific Disorders

Choose strategies targeting specific anxiety disorders with help from our tools & worksheets, then use them on a daily basis.

My Anxiety Plan for Children and Teens

MAP for Children and Teens is a resource for parents and caregivers to “coach” anxious young people using practical strategies and tools to manage anxiety. The My Anxiety Plan program was designed as a self-help program to support children and teens with mild to moderate anxiety. Educators can also use MAPs to better understand anxiety and learn key tools to help students manage anxiety in school settings.


My Anxiety Plan for Adults

MAP for Adults is designed as a self-help program that you can work through at your own pace. You will learn how to identify anxiety symptoms and strategies to balance your thoughts. MAP for adults can also be used while working with a mental health provider who can help guide you through the program.


My Anxiety Plan for Educators (MAPE)

MAP for Educators is an excellent resource for teachers to empower them with proven tools that help students struggling with anxiety. Educators can learn different strategies to teach students how to manage their anxiety in and outside of school. The program is comprised of three units that provide information about anxiety and hands-on strategies to dial down anxious feelings and thoughts. MAPE is provided in partnership with SIEC.